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Doctor Who Gift Wrap

When I made the Sonic Screwdriver Earrings for my friends birthday I knew I had to wrap them right…


Yep, I copied the Doctors’ styles! Mwahahaha!!! I have never seen the show before, but Google came to the rescue and helped my figure out what was special and unique to the two most popular doctors.

I gotta say how much I loved the way they turned out, pretty much exactly as I imagined them! Which is strange, that doesn’t usually happen!:D

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Skirt To Scarf

I found this amazing Anthropologie skirt at Goodwill a while back, and the first time I wore it the fabric started to tear by the zipper. It was just a little hole, so I decided to keep wearing it. Well, it got bigger and the hole was more like shredded fabric so I couldn’t really sew it up.

– Read on to see what I did with it…..

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Trash To Studded Awesomeness

Yes! Saved something that I almost got rid of  and made something I like with them… that feels good!:) I was inspired to use an old “studding machine” (actually called Mini GeMagic) that we had laying around on an old pair of shoes that I was getting rid of. It’s amazing what a difference a few studs can do!



Not perfect, but they work for me!:)

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Jar Beautification

I use jars to store a lot of my crafting do-dads, only thing is they’re not that pretty.:) So I decided to try to make them a little easier on the eyes with some burlap, lace, ribbon and paper!

I think this top one is my favorite!

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Teal Yarn Flowers

I love yarn flowers! I always forget how much I love them until I make another pair and put them on something…

I wear teal all the time and thought it would be a good idea to have some teal flower accessories. I usually attach my yarn flowers to bobby pins that slip onto shoes easily.

 I love being able to add a touch of color to my shoes to “finish off” an outfit! One pair of shoes can go a long way with detachable flowers!:)

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Rolled Fabric Flowers

I think these have been around for the longest time, but I just got around to trying them for the first time! I came across a really great tutorial on how to make them at this site. Super easy and fun to make! I really like all of the fabric flower necklaces that I keep seeing on craft blogs, maybe I’ll use the flowers that I made to make one.


I originally found this tutorial through a different site (found here) that has TEN great flower tutorials! Happy flower making!:)

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Party Pinwheels

I found some pictures of these party decorations on the internet and decided to try making some. They turned out great!

– Read On…..


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Cardboard Paper Tubes!

Oh how I wish that I saved these amazing tubes of creativity more often! Unfortunately they are slightly difficult to store while waiting for the creativity to develop. I am in the middle of a project that uses these tubes to make wall art! AMAZING! There is nothing like making something from free materials!

I’ve been collecting toilet paper rolls for this project and have been hoping that a roll of paper towels would run out soon, more cardboard.:) But today I was wrapping gifts (we have a birthday coming up) and my mind exploded with the thought of gift wrapping rolls!!! Oh how wonderfully short would my quest for cardboard be if only one of the rolls would run out! I would start triple wrapping gifts if it wasn’t such a waste of paper.:(

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