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Garden Plans

I have pretty much finished the “plan” for our 2013 garden. I am getting really excited!

I got to plan the garden this year and am super excited to get things going! Last year we grew sweet potatoes and beans successfully… don’t laugh, that was a great achievement!:) I am trying to step up this year and work harder, gardening is not my favorite thing in the world, but I am definitely getting more into it. I just hope I don’t fizzle out!;) We’ll see what all actually gets planted!

 Here is the “blueprint” I made of what we hope to get done this year:

I read about planting the potatoes and beans together as shown on the upper right of the plan and can’t wait to try it out!

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Sweet Potatoes from 2012

We harvested sweet potatoes!!!

We finally dug up the sweet potatoes that we planted last year! We got a lot more than the last time that we grew them, and our biggest this year is about twice the size of the biggest last time around! Can you tell I’m a little excited?

The big one!

And we got just a little dirty! It felt like I had an extra layer of skin!

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Green Beans

We got a bunch of green beans from our garden, we had to get a second container when we were picking them! We are so excited, last year we only got a handful. This year we may actually have enough for a few meals! We also got a few sweet peppers, and the tomatoes are coming along.


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Sweet Potatoes

We grew sweet potatoes! We dug these up yesterday:

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