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Green Beans

We got a bunch of green beans from our garden, we had to get a second container when we were picking them! We are so excited, last year we only got a handful. This year we may actually have enough for a few meals! We also got a few sweet peppers, and the tomatoes are coming along.


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Happy Mother’s Day!

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Headband Curls

Yay! I found a new no-heat-curling method that I really like!

Here is my: Headband Curl Tutorial

Some of my results:

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Oxford Pumps

I have been admiring oxford pumps online for a long time, I don’t know why I like them so much but I do!:) They are all so expensive (at least too expensive for me!) so I have never thought about owning a pair. But I found a pair at Goodwill for $4.99! *squeal*

Report Dinah shoes from Amazon = $84.55

Adrienne Vittadini = $87.99

Christian Dior = $880.00

My Goodwill oxfords = $4.99

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Beautiful Photoshop Forests

I’ve seen a few photos of “pink woods” and other colorful forests on Pinterest, most of them are not real. There are plenty of beautiful trees in all sorts of colors, but hot pink or bright blue are probably not real. I wanted to share how they are made so you can make your own “pink forest” without having to travel to the wonderful location that doesn’t exist.:)

This is my starting photo of a wooded trail:

And this is after I’ve worked on it…

– Read On…..

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Missing Eggs… Found!

We’ve been letting the chickens out the last couple of days and noticed the egg production seemed to go down a bit, It didn’t… they were laying under the shed!

So we did a float test on all SEVEN of the eggs that were found:

The float test is to make sure that all of the eggs are still good. In water the good ones will sink, bad ones float. They were all fine!

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Pin curls!

I love pin curls! They were a little difficult for me to master, and I will admit I got a little frustrated the first few times I tried them, but I am starting to get the hang of it and am really enjoying experimenting! More posts on pin-curls to come in the future, and maybe even a tutorial!

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Dry Roses

I love drying bouquets! It’s such a neat process, and I love having the dried flowers to decorate with! I always enjoy fresh flowers for a few days before putting them up to dry, but I think I enjoy seeing the dried flowers almost as much as the fresh ones. Here is my bouquet from the Sleeping Beauty show, before and after drying.

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