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Skirt To Scarf

I found this amazing Anthropologie skirt at Goodwill a while back, and the first time I wore it the fabric started to tear by the zipper. It was just a little hole, so I decided to keep wearing it. Well, it got bigger and the hole was more like shredded fabric so I couldn’t really sew it up.

– Read on to see what I did with it…..

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Anthro Inspired Necklace

I found a necklace on Anthropologie’s site the other day and knew I could make something similar. I really loved it, but it was pretty expensive! I had all of the material that I needed and decided to give it a go.

Here it the piece that inspired me ($32):

Image from

And here is mine…

I am so happy with how it turned out! I made it over the course of two days, it takes a little longer to do projects when you are trying to play Boggle at the same time!:) Over all it was really easy and fun to make! One nice thing about this project is that it does not require a whole lot of jewelry making experience. Hopefully the instructions make sense, feel free to ask questions.

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Blue Button Chain Necklace

Button stash buster! I can’t get enough of these button jewelry projects, they are so easy and fun! I decided to make a tutorial for this one, it’s so quick and easy.

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Plum Button Necklace

I made this necklace the other day and just love how it turned out! It was sort of a “last project before I put all of my stuff away” thing, but I’m so glad I made it! I’ve been inspired by button jewelry for a while now and decided to get cracking. I basically just looped the button onto some jewelry wire and started twisting the little leaf beads on with separate wires, and then finished it off with some beads to cover the wires.

More button jewelry to come!:)

Oh, and check out the link-up below:

Dragonfly Designs

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Party Pinwheels

I found some pictures of these party decorations on the internet and decided to try making some. They turned out great!

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Stacked Magazine Bead Earrings

I found a project on another craft site that used magazine beads to make some earrings, so I decided to try making up my own magazine bead earrings! I really like how they turned out, and I already had some magazine beads made so it was a quick and easy project.


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Beautiful Photoshop Forests

I’ve seen a few photos of “pink woods” and other colorful forests on Pinterest, most of them are not real. There are plenty of beautiful trees in all sorts of colors, but hot pink or bright blue are probably not real. I wanted to share how they are made so you can make your own “pink forest” without having to travel to the wonderful location that doesn’t exist.:)

This is my starting photo of a wooded trail:

And this is after I’ve worked on it…

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Cookie Painting!

I love brothers! Mine like to mess with projects that I’m working on, which can be annoying sometimes but they do give me good ideas once in a while.

I was decorating cookies the other day and had some food coloring laying around to color my icing with. I had a few cookies already decorated and set aside. Pretty soon someone was asking me if it was alright to “paint” one of the decorated cookies with some of the food coloring. I said it was OK and turned back to the cookie that I was decorating not thinking much about it. When I looked back at the cookie that was being painted I saw how nice the color was staying! I wanted to try it too!

So I did!

It is so hard to get colors like this in icing, who knew that I would learn about a decorating technique like this from a brother messing around! ;)

I will definitely be using this method of coloring in the future!

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