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Awkward & Awesome #5

Extra long post for missing a few Awkward & Awesome posts…


Funny thing, when it’s dark out your face can be reflected in a window… even when you are home alone… turning suddenly around a corner. O.o

Being home alone, singing along with the radio, and dancing while washing some dishes.:)

Pausing a show you’re watching every few minutes (while home alone) because you are sure you just heard a noise outside…

Starting to sing along with a song and the realizing you’re not home alone anymore!!!

Having your brother’s toothpaste somehow fling across the room and land on your skirt.

Loosing your grip when tugging on your clothing and punching yourself… *sigh*

Starting to walk off without your receipt and having the worker yell after you. “Oh me???… *red face* Ooops…”

Carrying a gallon of milk in each hand and having an itch right in the center of your back!

Walking into a store and asking the lady if they had bathrooms, she said yes and gave me directions. Turns out the bathroom was in an employee only area and I didn’t want to go back there alone, so I snuck past her out the front to avoid explaining… :/


Pie. Turkey. Stuffing. Gravy. Lets just sum it up and say Thanksgiving food!!!:)

Maxwell Smart Agent 86.

Great light for photography.

Baking, love it this time of year!

Getting my first “real” paycheck for being the substitute teacher in Tap class!:)

Getting lots of hugs from people I haven’t seen in a while!

The faces my crazy dog makes…

Christmas decorations, lights… this whole time of year makes me happy!:)

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Awkward & Awesome #4

This week…


Saying things that can be taken different ways… the English language has a lot of words that have multiple meanings! It’s truly an awful moment when you get half way through what you’re saying and then realize how it might sound!

Going out with wet hair. I air dry my hair because of my curls, so I usually have at least partially wet hair when going out.

Getting out of a photographer stance and squishing a stinging nettle when you put your feet together… :(

Being really cold and then ordering a frappuccino… that was smart!O.o

Having to look up haw to spell frappuccino…:)

Having the spell check tell you that you’re still wrong, it’s not spelled f-r-a-p-p-u-c-c-i-n-o… well that’s how Starbucks spells it so there!;)

Taking 95 photos of a tree and a bush…

Helping empty our coin collection into the coin counting machine at our bank and feeling the teller behind you watching intently.

Getting so excited about doing something in dance that you’ve been struggling with and as a result freezing mid-song and throwing your hands in the air. Then falling back to Earth and realizing that you should be on the other half of the stage by now! Heh!;)


Reeeeeally wanting a brownie and deciding not to eat it because you know you’re having dessert later.;) *fist pump*

Small space heaters! Ha, take that tile floor!

S’mores and worship songs over a campfire!!!

Laying in the field just looking at the stars and singing quietly to God.:)

Fuzzy socks!!!

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Awkward & Awesome #3

Yay! I made it to my third Awkward & Awesome post. Three is an awesome number… it just is!:)


Having no idea of what’s going on around you! Hint: Just smile and look like you know what you’re doing.

Wearing an infinity scarf wrapped around your face while you clean your shower drain…

Being the only girl in dance class wearing black tights.:/

Being so late making my dad’s birthday cake that it became my dad/brother’s late birthday cake… yeah it was late for my brother’s birthday too.

Helping hose the dog down after he rolled in something gross… in the morning, in P.J.’s, in the cold.:/ Why do dogs like smelly stuff so much!?!

Voting for the first time. It was really strange!:)


Voting for the first time!!!

Cold weather!!!

Tea that I don’t mind drinking… I don’t usually like tea.

Dance company! I’m sooo glad to be a part of it!!!

Finding out that other people tap dance while they brush their teeth too! My mom thought I was crazy.:)

Baking cookies by yourself in the kitchen… no one knows how many you “test”.:)

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Awkward & Awesome #2

Happy November! This time of year always seems to go by so fast! Even faster than the rest of the year. But I love Fall! I love holiday fun, cooler weather, cozy blankets, Christmas movies, time with friends…


Trying to wave and get the attention of an old friend while sitting in the drive-through, it didn’t work… and having the lady working the drive-through notice your efforts. :/

Walking through a parking lot and slowly feeling the cami you’re wearing under your shirt inch up, and telling yourself “Don’t touch it! It’s not visible, just keep walking.”

Airsoft party at our house, and being the only girl in 20-25 people besides your mom…

Trying out hip-hop for the first time… it felt like an epic fail!:)

Spraying perfume on your sun-dried-and-smells-like-it clothes, I’m sure there’s a better way!!!

Thousands (literally) of acorns showering down from a nearby tree making it sound like the tree is disintegrating.  And then realizing that trees don’t disintegrate for no reason…

Trying to make friends in the blog world. It always feels so strange leaving comments on blogs… “Hi… I like your blog. Sounds like we do a lot of the same things!:/ Umm… want to be friends?”


Big brother’s birthday!

Birthday food. Yumm!

Pinterest. I FINALLY joined!!! (thanks you Pinterest for opening it to e-mail accounts!!!) I think I love it, like… a lot!!!

Getting over a cold a lot faster than I usually do!

Going through your closet. Or wait… no that’s scary.

Finding awesome stuff buried in your closet! ;)

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Awkward & Awesome #1!

I’ve been seeing these Awkward and Awesome posts on so many different blogs lately, and I thought it was about time to do my own! Reading these posts I am always so glad to hear I’m “not the only one” who does awkward things! So, time for me to share my awkwardness with others to encourage and hopefully brighten your day!:)

And now, for the moment you may or may not have waited for…


Running through Sams club right before they close looking for coleslaw… and carrying a bag of raw chicken.

Not knowing how to spell something so just sort of spelling the first half and scribbling the second part of it. Mwah ha! No one knows it’s misspelled if they can’t read it!

Almost falling asleep during church.

Picking profile pictures for myself…


Singing in the closet!

Roses in the morning.

Watching a baby eat cake for the first time.

Puppy love from an almost 9 yr old dog.:)

Breath refreshers.


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