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Anthro Inspired Necklace

I found a necklace on Anthropologie’s site the other day and knew I could make something similar. I really loved it, but it was pretty expensive! I had all of the material that I needed and decided to give it a go.

Here it the piece that inspired me ($32):

Image from anthropologie.com

And here is mine…

I am so happy with how it turned out! I made it over the course of two days, it takes a little longer to do projects when you are trying to play Boggle at the same time!:) Over all it was really easy and fun to make! One nice thing about this project is that it does not require a whole lot of jewelry making experience. Hopefully the instructions make sense, feel free to ask questions.

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Red Twine Bracelet

Yay for knotted twine! A few beads, a few knots and voila! One more red accessory to add to my “red-less” wardrobe.:) This took about 15 min. to make… AWESOME!!!


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Plum Button Necklace

I made this necklace the other day and just love how it turned out! It was sort of a “last project before I put all of my stuff away” thing, but I’m so glad I made it! I’ve been inspired by button jewelry for a while now and decided to get cracking. I basically just looped the button onto some jewelry wire and started twisting the little leaf beads on with separate wires, and then finished it off with some beads to cover the wires.

More button jewelry to come!:)

Oh, and check out the link-up below:

Dragonfly Designs

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I love projects that can be done in one day! I’ve been trying to put some of the beads I have laying around into use. It’s a shame to let them sit there not getting any use. So even if I’m just stringing them onto elastic, or stacking them for a pair of earrings they are being used now!


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More Beads Being Used!

I made these simple necklaces the other day, I looooove the red one!!! I was looking through my closet and was surprised to find how few red accessories I have… as in… none.  A search through the bead bins followed. Some twine and only a few beads later I have red!

And the black will hopefully help tie together some outfits.

Dragonfly Designs

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Stackable Bracelets

I had the idea yesterday to string some of the beads I had laying around on elastic and use them as stackable bracelets until I need them for another project! I love all of the pictures I’ve seen of stacked bracelets, and now I have some! Yay!!!

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One Skirt

There is a fashion challenge going on over at Fresh Modesty right now, you have to wear one skirt for three days with different tops and accessories. I thought it would be fun to participate with a skirt that I don’t wear enough!

The three blogs that are hosting this are:

Fresh Modesty

Bramblewood Fashion

What I Wear, What I Do and Why I Did It

Day one:


I’ll have to post some closeup shots of the buttons on this skirt, they are amazing!

(Oh yeah, the t-shirts in the first picture are from plopping… oops!) :)

  • Skirt: Goodwill
  • Top: Kmart (sale)
  • Cami layer: Goodwill
  • Necklace: Magazine Bead (made by me)
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Stacked Magazine Bead Earrings

I found a project on another craft site that used magazine beads to make some earrings, so I decided to try making up my own magazine bead earrings! I really like how they turned out, and I already had some magazine beads made so it was a quick and easy project.


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