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Chocolate Yogurt Cookies

I think I found my new favorite cookie recipe!!!

These. Are. AMAZING!!! If you have ever had a Ghiardelli Chocolate Pazookie from BJ’s restaurant, just close your eyes and imagine gooey, chocolate richness for a moment… yeah, that’s what these taste like. I almost cried the first time I took a bite of one of these!

The ingredients are super simple, not even requiring an egg. And they were super quick and easy to make. I know this all sounds too good to be true, so go test it and see for yourself!

Click Here for original recipe

(Note: I used French Vanilla yogurt that I had on hand, and our home ground flour)

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Wilton’s Cake Leveler

I just wanted to share one of my favorite tools for cake making, Wilton’s Cake Leveler! You can buy it Here for only $3.49! You can use it to level off the top of your cakes (my cakes always used to crack because I never leveled them) or to make thin layers of cake. I recently made a chocolate birthday cake using the leveler to make thin layers of cake with chocolate icing in between them.

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Muffin Recipe

These are the best muffins! I found it on some recipe site last year and It is such a great basic recipe for a muffin, I love experimenting with it! I think I like it best with chocolate chips, but cranberries come pretty close. Try experimenting with different fruit or candies in it!

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Chocolate Lace Pie

This is a recipe that I created for Thanksgiving in 2009. It is basically a pudding pie with caramel and nuts floating around in the bottom. You can’t really cut it, more like scoop it!:) I think it would cut nicely if it was served frozen, like an ice cream pie.

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