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Skirt To Scarf

I found this amazing Anthropologie skirt at Goodwill a while back, and the first time I wore it the fabric started to tear by the zipper. It was just a little hole, so I decided to keep wearing it. Well, it got bigger and the hole was more like shredded fabric so I couldn’t really sew it up.

– Read on to see what I did with it…..

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Trash To Studded Awesomeness

Yes! Saved something that I almost got rid of  and made something I like with them… that feels good!:) I was inspired to use an old “studding machine” (actually called Mini GeMagic) that we had laying around on an old pair of shoes that I was getting rid of. It’s amazing what a difference a few studs can do!



Not perfect, but they work for me!:)

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Martin’s Redsox Pillows

Some time ago I saved a brand new Redsox t-shirt that had been ordered too small and was in the garage sale pile. I decided to use it for a gift for Martin’s birthday and thought of making pillows.

I used a Thunderbird t-shirt that I had in my chop bin for the backs.

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Pink, Striped, Giant Cowl

I have been noticing all of the giant cowls around lately and really like the idea. They look so cozy. looking through my chop bin I found this turtleneck that I really disliked and had already started to dismantle. The cowl is made out of the waist of the sweater. Basically all I did was cut a straight line from under one arm hole to the other. I have not finished the edge yet, but I’m planning on folding and sewing it up with a zigzag stitch.

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White Shoulder Wrap

This is the lower half of a very light weight shirt that you wear tanks under, it’s very stretchy and sheer. All I did was cut straight across under the arms, and because of the fabric it just rolled right up on the ends so I didn’t even have to thread a needle! No sew! I actually cut this shirt for a different project a while ago, so this was just sitting in my chop bin waiting to be discovered and put on! Sorry I didn’t take pictures at the time, here are the after shots:

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Teal Flower Skirt

I’ve been wanting to make this into a skirt for a long time and I finally got around to it last night! As you can see the zipper went from the top of the dress to below where I was wanting to cut it, so I came up with a way to shorten the zipper. I still had to do a good bit of sewing on it, but at least I didn’t have to put a whole new zipper in!

Yay! I got some more practice with the sewing machine! :shock:

Tutorial on how I shortened the zipper found Here.

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Orange Braided Halter

These two shirts were in my chop bin because of minor stains on the one and a bad fit for the other. I thought they went well together, and wanted to try using two articles of clothing on one project. I actually got the idea to do this from Busch Gardens, I saw several ladies wearing tops with braided halters.

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