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Doctor Who Gift Wrap

When I made the Sonic Screwdriver Earrings for my friends birthday I knew I had to wrap them right…


Yep, I copied the Doctors’ styles! Mwahahaha!!! I have never seen the show before, but Google came to the rescue and helped my figure out what was special and unique to the two most popular doctors.

I gotta say how much I loved the way they turned out, pretty much exactly as I imagined them! Which is strange, that doesn’t usually happen!:D

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Sonic Screwdriver Earrings

Before I show these to you, let me just start by saying no. I have not seen Doctor Who…

But I knew my friend was a fan, so I decided to make her some fan gear for her birthday. After searching around for a bit I came across some earrings that looked like this and decided to try making my own with the materials I had on hand…

And yes, I had to make a doctor hair bow for her too…

I loosely followed THIS tutorial for the bow, and like I said used what I had for the earrings. I think she really liked them!

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Another Lanyard

I made this lanyard as a Christmas gift for my brother. This one was harder to make than the last one that I made in September of 2012. It’s a bit longer than the first lanyard, I didn’t even trim the length of the original jelly-roll strip that I used!

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Sparkle Dangles

I made these earrings a while ago and haven’t worn them in a looong time. I didn’t remember how much I liked them! Makes sense that I made two pairs right?!? Yay for forgotten projects!

I attached a short length of chain to an ear wire. I then used flexible wire to add short “strings” of beads to the chain and secured them with crimps on alternating links. Essentially each “string” is a piece of wire with the center bent at the link, then put the beads over “both” wires and crimp ends together. Alternate links so that the “strings” lay on both sides of the chain.

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Skirt To Scarf

I found this amazing Anthropologie skirt at Goodwill a while back, and the first time I wore it the fabric started to tear by the zipper. It was just a little hole, so I decided to keep wearing it. Well, it got bigger and the hole was more like shredded fabric so I couldn’t really sew it up.

– Read on to see what I did with it…..

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Trash To Studded Awesomeness

Yes! Saved something that I almost got rid of  and made something I like with them… that feels good!:) I was inspired to use an old “studding machine” (actually called Mini GeMagic) that we had laying around on an old pair of shoes that I was getting rid of. It’s amazing what a difference a few studs can do!



Not perfect, but they work for me!:)

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Lost Little Bolero

Do you ever get started on a project and leave it to start working on something else… then a few hours, weeks,  (ahem) months go by and you re-discover your project? Not that this project was forgotten…. well not really. Well, I have picked it back up again, and hopefully it will get finished this time around. (maybe) ;) I found this pattern on Ravelry (where else?) and you can find it directly from the designer’s blog here. It looks like it would be a great little bolero… if I ever finish it!

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Saartje’s Beauties

I finally tried out Saartje’s Baby Booties pattern from Ravelry found here. This is such a great pattern!!! I will be using it again and I highly recommend it! It it slightly difficult because of the straps and all of the loose ends/sewing… but that said it was well worth the effort! It only took me one afternoon to make them… granted it was an afternoon of football games on TV during vacation, but still. :wink:

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