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Spiced Bagel

I was making a bagel the other day and decided to try some spices on top, it was soooo good!!! I toasted it, spread some plain cream cheese on it, and then sprinkled the top with spices. I used cinnamon, pumpkin pie spice and some brown sugar. It was so good that I had the same thing the next morning!

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Colorful Snickerdoodles

Happy December!!!

Thought I would post one of my favorite cookie recipes to get you in the baking mood.:)

(If you’re not already!)

Last month I was making snickerdoodles and decided to roll them in colorful sugar and cinnamon instead of just plain old sugar. They turned out awesome! I did red and orange sugar for fall until the red ran out, then switched to yellow. The colorful sugar crystals are a little bit bigger than plain sugar so the dough would collect the sugar faster than the powdery cinnamon, but it still worked pretty well.

Click on the link below to see my favorite snickerdoodle cookie recipe!

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Streusel Bars

We recently tried this recipe for streusel bars from Better Homes and Gardens, these bars are amazing!!! We actually made them twice! The first time we used raspberry jam and the second time we did blackberry, both were great!

I typed up the recipe here—

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The Egg Sandwich

I made this sandwich for lunch the other day, it was sort of an accident. This was moldy, don’t have that… you know. But it turned out so good that I had to write down the recipe! I ah… took a bite first and realized how much I liked it and decided to take pictures to go with the recipe.:)

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Onion Bagles

Who knew I would be the only one eating the onion bagles… four days in a row now trying to prevent them from getting moldy.:) Ooops!


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Summer Time!

Ah Summer! So hot, but so fun!

And tasty!:)

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Green Beans

We got a bunch of green beans from our garden, we had to get a second container when we were picking them! We are so excited, last year we only got a handful. This year we may actually have enough for a few meals! We also got a few sweet peppers, and the tomatoes are coming along.


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Cookie Painting!

I love brothers! Mine like to mess with projects that I’m working on, which can be annoying sometimes but they do give me good ideas once in a while.

I was decorating cookies the other day and had some food coloring laying around to color my icing with. I had a few cookies already decorated and set aside. Pretty soon someone was asking me if it was alright to “paint” one of the decorated cookies with some of the food coloring. I said it was OK and turned back to the cookie that I was decorating not thinking much about it. When I looked back at the cookie that was being painted I saw how nice the color was staying! I wanted to try it too!

So I did!

It is so hard to get colors like this in icing, who knew that I would learn about a decorating technique like this from a brother messing around! ;)

I will definitely be using this method of coloring in the future!

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