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Diffused Curls

I tried using a diffuser on my curls and loved it!!!

I got a finger diffuser and blow dryer last Christmas, and tried the pixicurl method of drying! It works great! The pixicurl method is a drying method that allows the curls to dry without the air from the hairdryer disturbing the curl pattern.

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Hair Cut!

Yes, I did it!!!

I got my mom to cut my hair for me, and I love it!!!

Ok, it’s been like this for a few weeks… what can I say, I don’t blog as much as I used too!;)

Even though it’s been a while, it still feels new and wonderful! I LOVE it!!!

I had a hard time deciding to get it cut, but thinking about it for a loooong time and looking at lots of pictures really helped me decide. These are a few or the pictures that convinced me to get it cut:

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Headband Curls

Yay! I found a new no-heat-curling method that I really like!

Here is my: Headband Curl Tutorial

Some of my results:

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Pin curls!

I love pin curls! They were a little difficult for me to master, and I will admit I got a little frustrated the first few times I tried them, but I am starting to get the hang of it and am really enjoying experimenting! More posts on pin-curls to come in the future, and maybe even a tutorial!

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Messy Bun Curls

The other day I was running behind schedule and needed to put my hair up fast for dance. It was a little damp but I put it up into a quick messy bun anyway. When I took it out later these are the curls that fell down:

I did not twist them nicely or anything, just sort of scrunched it all up and pinned it in place. There was a little bit of frizz but the volume was great!

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Gel Distribution

Yay! Back to Carrots! I think the Aubrey’s conditioner was too heavy for my hair. Anyway, I read about the “proper” way put gel in your hair, and I think it works for me!

You start with a little more gel in your hand than normal for you and pretend like you are washing your hands, coating the backs of the hands and between the fingers. Then “shampoo” the gel into your hair keeping in mind that you should be applying the gel to your hair, not the scalp.

I have done this twice so far, and I think that it did help distribute the gel more evenly than how I was putting it in before. My hair is still slightly damp in these pictures.

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Sock Bun

A sock Bun is a method for curling your hair without heat. There are many different sites that have information about this method, and there is a great tutorial with instructions and pictures here. There are also videos on how to do it on YouTube. You just need one old sock with the toe cut off and one hair elastic.

Basically, you cut the toe out of a sock and roll it into a doughnut. Then you put your hair into a ponytail using the hair elastic and wet it a little with water in a squirt bottle. Then pull the ponytail through the doughnut you made. Holding the doughnut near the ends, wrap the ends around the outside of the doughnut and up through the bottom. (Don’t get discouraged, this is much easier said than done.) Start rolling the doughnut “out” and down your ponytail towards the base. When you get to the bottom don’t bother securing it, it stays in place by itself! I sleep crazy and toss and turn a lot, but trust me, it stays in.

Now in the morning unroll the doughnut and take the elastic out gently. Start separating the curls and gently shaking them. I would recommend using hairspray. I have naturally curly hair that usually holds other curling methods fine without hairspray, but the curls that this created started to come out later in the day.

Note: This only creates large curls on the lower half of your hair.

Here are my results:

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Plop Overnight

I plopped overnight with Aubrey’s B5 gel, and scrunched in a tad bit more gel in the morning. I think I need a bigger t-shirt square that will go around to the top of my head like the Live Curly Live Free meathod calls for, because it fell off in the middle of the night again.:]

I think the plop worked pretty well this time! Yay!

Tutorial on plopping

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