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Oil is finally out!

The oil is finally out!

I washed and conditioned as usual, then put about a nickel of Aubrey’s B5 gel in and plopped for about 15-20 min. My hair feels really soft and silky. And it finally feels like all of the oil is out!!!

There’s not really great curl definition and the back is flat, but there is no more oil!!!

So that was three days and five showers to get it all out! The final result for my hair…

I guess a little softer silkier hair, possibly more shine (I can never tell with the shine thing, I guess I don’t see it).

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Olive Oil DT Try 2

Olive oil deep treatment 2:

I did more oil than last time, about five or six palm fulls. I then (stupidly) decided I would wash it out in a bath instead of taking a shower, yuck! I will never make that mistake again! I felt sooo oily! Even after shampooing twice with the stuff I am currently using, Aubrey’s natural honeysuckle rose moisturizer shampoo, and conditioning with the same type of conditioner it still felt gross. I then plopped for probably about 30 to 45 min.

I feel like there is still a lot of oil up there so I will probably have to shower a few more times before it is all out. It looks and feels really gross! I think next time I will just put in one palm full or less. Or I might try olive oil as an anti-frizz agent instead of a DT now that I am not using the “bad” aloe for that. The tips of my hair did not seem to get all oily with it so I could also try putting it in only at the tips.

Here are some pictures of my oil mess:

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Water Washing

The water wash was kind of icky, but I’ve heard that it gets better the more you do it. By the end of the day I took another shower. Combing after the final rinse really separated the curls , so next time I would comb and then final rinse to eliminate that problem.

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Plop with aloe

Best results from any of my experiments so far, but still a little flat in the back. This was a few days or so after my first olive oil deep treatment. I plopped all night with Fruit of the Earth aloe, which I no longer use because of the bad ingredients (bummer). These were taken in the morning after styling from the plop. I don’t think they were this good later in the day, but still great!

Tutorial on plopping

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Olive Oil DT

An oil deep treatment is a moisturizing treatment. I used:

1-2 Tablespoon extra virgin olive oil

I rubbed in and plopped for about 30 min.

I did not like the oil treatment right away but a few days later, once it was washed out, it felt pretty good. It seemed flat and in need of a wash the day after I did
the treatment. As you can see in the pictures it really didn’t seem to do that much for my hair.


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