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Sonic Screwdriver Earrings

Before I show these to you, let me just start by saying no. I have not seen Doctor Who…

But I knew my friend was a fan, so I decided to make her some fan gear for her birthday. After searching around for a bit I came across some earrings that looked like this and decided to try making my own with the materials I had on hand…

And yes, I had to make a doctor hair bow for her too…

I loosely followed THIS tutorial for the bow, and like I said used what I had for the earrings. I think she really liked them!

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Sparkle Dangles

I made these earrings a while ago and haven’t worn them in a looong time. I didn’t remember how much I liked them! Makes sense that I made two pairs right?!? Yay for forgotten projects!

I attached a short length of chain to an ear wire. I then used flexible wire to add short “strings” of beads to the chain and secured them with crimps on alternating links. Essentially each “string” is a piece of wire with the center bent at the link, then put the beads over “both” wires and crimp ends together. Alternate links so that the “strings” lay on both sides of the chain.

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Earring day!

I get inspired some days to make a TON of whatever I’m working on… stacking bracelets, knit coasters, drawings, earrings. I just had an earring day, I made five pairs!!! The sad part is I will probably not feel like making earrings for a while now…

Two pairs that I gave as a gift…

The other three…

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The Lanyard Gift

Oh I’m so happy I gave this a go! I think it will be one of my new favorite things to sew! What is a great gift for someone who just got their drivers licence? A lanyard to carry keys! I was inspired to make this when I saw the hardware pieces lying around in my jewelry making drawer, and I had been invited to a 16th birthday party… so:

Mwahaha, I have defeated you sewing machine! Success!

(I usually lose when battling it out trying to create something with the sewing machine) ;)

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Teal Button Necklace

You know… I really love buttons!

I made an outfit with this necklace that I had made some time ago, and realized that I had never posted about it! Oh the shame… I even took pictures of it right after I made it. Once again I remind myself how forgetful I can be.:)

Anyway… on to the necklace!

I thought about making a tutorial for this, but all I did was wire the buttons together with flexible jewelry making wire. As you can see in the second picture, there is one clasp attached to the side of the necklace and another clasp attached to the chain on the opposite side… I can use any necklace chain with this bib piece! I think it would be fun to make another one in a v-neck shape, or a circle… the possibilities are endless people!

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It has taken me a while to get into feathers… mostly because I didn’t think they went with my curly hair. But I think they do work with curls! Yay, I’m experimenting.:) So, I found these feathers buried in a closet (with some help, thanks mom!) and got right to making a pair of earrings.

I used:

  • Two ear wires
  • four crimp beads (big enough to fit the wire and feather in together)
  • A small amount of wire
  • A few accent beads
  • The two feathers

I made a loop with the wire and twisted them a bit to make a stopping point, and then put the beads on. To secure the feather all you have to do is put the crimp beads on the wire and then slide the feather in the crimps. Then I just attached the ear wires. It only took about 20 min.!!!

I hope I don’t start wearing them too much, ’cause I love ‘em!

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Simple Silver

I made these earrings a while back when I first started to experiment with chain. Just simple chain on ear wires, yet somehow they are very delicate… I like them!:) Since then chain has become a favorite with me and my jewelry making endeavors!

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Yellow Button Earrings

More button jewelry! Buttons are so much fun to make jewelry out of. I made these in a matter of minutes! They are light weight and shiny on one side, love them!

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