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Sonic Screwdriver Earrings

Before I show these to you, let me just start by saying no. I have not seen Doctor Who…

But I knew my friend was a fan, so I decided to make her some fan gear for her birthday. After searching around for a bit I came across some earrings that looked like this and decided to try making my own with the materials I had on hand…

And yes, I had to make a doctor hair bow for her too…

I loosely followed THIS tutorial for the bow, and like I said used what I had for the earrings. I think she really liked them!

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Skirt To Scarf

I found this amazing Anthropologie skirt at Goodwill a while back, and the first time I wore it the fabric started to tear by the zipper. It was just a little hole, so I decided to keep wearing it. Well, it got bigger and the hole was more like shredded fabric so I couldn’t really sew it up.

– Read on to see what I did with it…..

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Rolled Fabric Flowers

I think these have been around for the longest time, but I just got around to trying them for the first time! I came across a really great tutorial on how to make them at this site. Super easy and fun to make! I really like all of the fabric flower necklaces that I keep seeing on craft blogs, maybe I’ll use the flowers that I made to make one.


I originally found this tutorial through a different site (found here) that has TEN great flower tutorials! Happy flower making!:)

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White Shoulder Wrap

This is the lower half of a very light weight shirt that you wear tanks under, it’s very stretchy and sheer. All I did was cut straight across under the arms, and because of the fabric it just rolled right up on the ends so I didn’t even have to thread a needle! No sew! I actually cut this shirt for a different project a while ago, so this was just sitting in my chop bin waiting to be discovered and put on! Sorry I didn’t take pictures at the time, here are the after shots:

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