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Parmesan Cheese Ball

Click here for recipe…

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Cheesy Spinach Egg Burrito

Prepare for a lot of yum!

Usually when we do egg burritos we just have egg, a little bacon, and cheese. This time I changed it up a bit and really liked the result!

My Recipe…


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Chocolate Yogurt Cookies

I think I found my new favorite cookie recipe!!!

These. Are. AMAZING!!! If you have ever had a Ghiardelli Chocolate Pazookie from BJ’s restaurant, just close your eyes and imagine gooey, chocolate richness for a moment… yeah, that’s what these taste like. I almost cried the first time I took a bite of one of these!

The ingredients are super simple, not even requiring an egg. And they were super quick and easy to make. I know this all sounds too good to be true, so go test it and see for yourself!

Click Here for original recipe

(Note: I used French Vanilla yogurt that I had on hand, and our home ground flour)

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Banana Base Ice Cream!

We made banana ice cream!!!

And it was sooooo good! It was very simple: Freeze strawberries and bananas, blend with half and half, and enjoy!

You can find the original recipe that we used HERE.

(Note: Scroll down to the third recipe. Note 2: We used half and half instead of almond milk.)
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Scalloped Hasselback Potato

Another AMAZING way to prepare a potato!

Slice it, cheese it, bake it, eat it… simple as that!

Welllll… okay it took a little more than that, but it was sooooo good!!!

It took a little longer to prepare and bake than I would have liked, considering it was for lunch and I didn’t start making it until 3:00pm.;) I took about 15min. to prep and 45min. to bake. I will also mention that after putting butter and oil on it the pan got really greasy… so that piece of foil I put on the tray did nothing in the way of helping cleanup.:/

Click here for the original recipe.

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Ginger Cookies!

I had to share this new cookies recipe that I found via Pinterest a few weeks ago… it is AMAZING!

I decided I wanted to find a cookie recipe on Pinterest to try out and boy am I glad I chose this one! It’s actually a Better Homes & Gardens recipe for giant ginger cookies. I tried making a giant one, but I like to stretch the dough and get more cookies from one recipe… even if it means they’re smaller.;) I made the dough balls about an inch big and changed the baking time to 9 min.

Click here for original recipe!

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Home Made Bruschetta

We had a coupon for a free bruschetta at BJ’s restaurant one time and loooovvveed it!!! We finally came up with a healthy recipe that satisfies the taste buds.;)

Click Here For Recipe

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Potato recipe!

Awesome! That’s all I can say!!! This is just one of those recipes that you find and say “That looks so simple, but really good!” Let me tell you it is!!! And it only takes about ten minutes to prepare!

They take 40 minutes to bake, but it’s well worth thinking ahead to get these started for dinner!

Here is the link to the original recipe: favefamilyrecipes.com

P.S. Why do I always want to spell potato with an “e” at the end???

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