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Plum Button Necklace

I made this necklace the other day and just love how it turned out! It was sort of a “last project before I put all of my stuff away” thing, but I’m so glad I made it! I’ve been inspired by button jewelry for a while now and decided to get cracking. I basically just looped the button onto some jewelry wire and started twisting the little leaf beads on with separate wires, and then finished it off with some beads to cover the wires.

More button jewelry to come!:)

Oh, and check out the link-up below:

Dragonfly Designs

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Party Pinwheels

I found some pictures of these party decorations on the internet and decided to try making some. They turned out great!

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Cardboard Paper Tubes!

Oh how I wish that I saved these amazing tubes of creativity more often! Unfortunately they are slightly difficult to store while waiting for the creativity to develop. I am in the middle of a project that uses these tubes to make wall art! AMAZING! There is nothing like making something from free materials!

I’ve been collecting toilet paper rolls for this project and have been hoping that a roll of paper towels would run out soon, more cardboard.:) But today I was wrapping gifts (we have a birthday coming up) and my mind exploded with the thought of gift wrapping rolls!!! Oh how wonderfully short would my quest for cardboard be if only one of the rolls would run out! I would start triple wrapping gifts if it wasn’t such a waste of paper.:(

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Stacked Magazine Bead Earrings

I found a project on another craft site that used magazine beads to make some earrings, so I decided to try making up my own magazine bead earrings! I really like how they turned out, and I already had some magazine beads made so it was a quick and easy project.


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Magazine Bead Bangle Tutorial

Click HERE to go to the tutorial.

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Magazine Bead Bangle

I made this really easy to make bangle with some magazine beads that I had on hand. The only other things I needed were cheap elastic string and some little spacer beads. Tutorial on how to make this coming soon!

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Martin’s Redsox Pillows

Some time ago I saved a brand new Redsox t-shirt that had been ordered too small and was in the garage sale pile. I decided to use it for a gift for Martin’s birthday and thought of making pillows.

I used a Thunderbird t-shirt that I had in my chop bin for the backs.

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Magazine Beads

I made these paper beads using old magazines. I love the jewelry that I make out of these, and I love the fact that I’m recycling something that was just lying around!

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