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Another Lanyard

I made this lanyard as a Christmas gift for my brother. This one was harder to make than the last one that I made in September of 2012. It’s a bit longer than the first lanyard, I didn’t even trim the length of the original jelly-roll strip that I used!

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The Lanyard Gift

Oh I’m so happy I gave this a go! I think it will be one of my new favorite things to sew! What is a great gift for someone who just got their drivers licence? A lanyard to carry keys! I was inspired to make this when I saw the hardware pieces lying around in my jewelry making drawer, and I had been invited to a 16th birthday party… so:

Mwahaha, I have defeated you sewing machine! Success!

(I usually lose when battling it out trying to create something with the sewing machine) ;)

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Camera Strap Covers

Camera strap covers are amazing! They make your camera so much more comfortable to wear and look so cute! I’ve been wanting to make one for some time and thought the jelly rolls of fabric I just bought might be wide enough to use, they were! I made both of these in the same afternoon, they were very quick and easy… even for someone that doesn’t sew that much. *wink*

And I just might post a tutorial later on… I haven’t decided yet.:)

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Yay, I finally got some new fabric! So excited!!! I got these two jelly rolls at Walmart for $7.00 per roll, good deal! I’ve already started using some.:)

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Rusty Pillow

Here is another project using some of the wonderful fabric from my aunt, the rusty pillow! I love decorating with rusty colors!!! Dark shades of pink and green are amazing too, but I love this rust color! I used two of the fabric squares cutting one of them in half for the opening in the back. The pillow form is 16″x16″.


Lazy girl forgot to change thread... oops!


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Fancy Shoe Bag

Last year my aunt received fabric squares from a friend, and she gave three boxes to me! I went crazy! All of the fabric was so beautiful and my mind was full of all sorts of ideas, but there was one piece that I just knew what I was going to do with it!

A shoe bag!!!

It was the perfect size to make a shoe bag for traveling! And all of the embroidered shoes on it were just perfect! Add a little ribbon, more fabric for the back, some thread…

Now whenever I travel I can put my not-overly-clean spare shoes in this bag and not worry about them getting everything else dirty! :wink:

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Mom’s Change Purse

I pieced this little change purse together for Mommy’s Christmas gift to go in. I used a recycled zipper (from my chop bin) and some scraps from my first quilt.

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Martin’s Redsox Pillows

Some time ago I saved a brand new Redsox t-shirt that had been ordered too small and was in the garage sale pile. I decided to use it for a gift for Martin’s birthday and thought of making pillows.

I used a Thunderbird t-shirt that I had in my chop bin for the backs.

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