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Lost Little Bolero

Do you ever get started on a project and leave it to start working on something else… then a few hours, weeks,  (ahem) months go by and you re-discover your project? Not that this project was forgotten…. well not really. Well, I have picked it back up again, and hopefully it will get finished this time around. (maybe) ;) I found this pattern on Ravelry (where else?) and you can find it directly from the designer’s blog here. It looks like it would be a great little bolero… if I ever finish it!

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Saartje’s Beauties

I finally tried out Saartje’s Baby Booties pattern from Ravelry found here. This is such a great pattern!!! I will be using it again and I highly recommend it! It it slightly difficult because of the straps and all of the loose ends/sewing… but that said it was well worth the effort! It only took me one afternoon to make them… granted it was an afternoon of football games on TV during vacation, but still. :wink:

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Teal Yarn Flowers

I love yarn flowers! I always forget how much I love them until I make another pair and put them on something…

I wear teal all the time and thought it would be a good idea to have some teal flower accessories. I usually attach my yarn flowers to bobby pins that slip onto shoes easily.

 I love being able to add a touch of color to my shoes to “finish off” an outfit! One pair of shoes can go a long way with detachable flowers!:)

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I love making tribbles!!! They are so fun and quick, much easier and quicker than making dishcloths! The pattern is found here. Love making these in the car! Photos taken on my new quilting cutting board, yay!

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Baby Bonnet!

I am in love with this bonnet!!! It is soooo cute! And it knit up so quickly, it practically flew off the needles! I found the pattern here. I made it last year wanting a quick and easy knit and this was perfect!

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Mom’s Mini Felted Bag

About two or three years ago I made this bag and it didn’t turn out how I imagined it would, so I set it aside for awhile. Later that year I tried to fix it up with a little embroidery and was very pleased with the result, and decided to give it to Mommy for her birthday that year. The pattern for the bag can be found here.

I added the button and flap to keep the bag closed better, and I also made the cover on the button. For the button cover I just knit a (mostly) round piece in stockinette, placed it on the button and flipped it over, and then sort of gathered all of the outer sides by sewing the outer edges and then pulling them together like you would for the top of a hat. Hope that made sense!

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Baby Button Band Hat

I just love small projects! I made this hat last year, and it knit up so quickly! I was inspired by this pattern. The band is moss stitch (or seed stitch, I can’t remember) and the rest is stockinette. It is very small, probably preemie. I like it!

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Purple Scarf

I used Caron Simply Soft yarn for this scarf. I made this on a car trip with a lace pattern that I had and wanted to try out on something. I didn’t block it (lazy), but it doesn’t curl on the edges too bad. :grin:

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