Awkward & Awesome #5

Extra long post for missing a few Awkward & Awesome posts…


Funny thing, when it’s dark out your face can be reflected in a window… even when you are home alone… turning suddenly around a corner. O.o

Being home alone, singing along with the radio, and dancing while washing some dishes.:)

Pausing a show you’re watching every few minutes (while home alone) because you are sure you just heard a noise outside…

Starting to sing along with a song and the realizing you’re not home alone anymore!!!

Having your brother’s toothpaste somehow fling across the room and land on your skirt.

Loosing your grip when tugging on your clothing and punching yourself… *sigh*

Starting to walk off without your receipt and having the worker yell after you. “Oh me???… *red face* Ooops…”

Carrying a gallon of milk in each hand and having an itch right in the center of your back!

Walking into a store and asking the lady if they had bathrooms, she said yes and gave me directions. Turns out the bathroom was in an employee only area and I didn’t want to go back there alone, so I snuck past her out the front to avoid explaining… :/


Pie. Turkey. Stuffing. Gravy. Lets just sum it up and say Thanksgiving food!!!:)

Maxwell Smart Agent 86.

Great light for photography.

Baking, love it this time of year!

Getting my first “real” paycheck for being the substitute teacher in Tap class!:)

Getting lots of hugs from people I haven’t seen in a while!

The faces my crazy dog makes…

Christmas decorations, lights… this whole time of year makes me happy!:)

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