Headband Curl Tutorial

I found this method of no-heat-curling a while ago, but I just recently tried it. I love it!!! It works really well on my hair! It’s so easy to do and it only takes about five minutes to put it up. It’s also very comfortable to sleep in and stays in great!

Start with clean, damp hair.

First, pull a comfortable headband over your hair to your forehead and make sure it’s not too tight:

Then take a small section of hair from the front and pull it up, then down under the headband:

Then add a little more hair to your first section and wrap again. Continue doing this until both sides are wrapped all the way to the back and you have two small “tails” left. Now take the two small sections and combine them for one final wrap, and then tuck them in:

Let it dry over night and take it out in the morning, remember to get dresses before taking the curls down!

Take the headband off by gently pulling the front of the headband back and off  your head. You might have to gently shake or pull the curls out with your fingers:


Gently shake the curls, DO NOT BRUSH!!! Brushing separates the curls and creates frizz, if needed, gently separate the curls with your fingers. Style as desired:


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