Photoshop Forests

I’ve seen a few photos of “pink woods” and other colorful forests on Pinterest, most of them are not real. There are plenty of beautiful trees in all sorts of colors, but hot pink or bright blue are probably not real. I wanted to share how they are made so you can make your own “pink forest” without having to travel to the wonderful location that doesn’t exist.:)

This is my starting photo of a wooded trail:

Once opened in Photoshop click on Images> Adjustments> Replace Color…  a popup should come up when you click on Replace Color.

Use the eyedropper tool to select which color you want to replace, in this case we are going to click on the leaves in the image to select green. Notice there are three eyedroppers, the first is the main color you select, after selecting the first color from the image you can click on the second eyedropper to add more colors from the image that you can change at the same time, in this case other shades of green. The third eyedropper is to deselect a color from the image. You should notice the black and white photo in the popup beginning to appear more white as you select more colors to change.

Now that you have your colors selected, drag the Hue, Saturation, and Lightness bars to adjust the image to your liking.  Click on OK in the top right of the popup. Notice there is still some green in the back of the image below? Simply repeat the process to adjust all of the colors that you want to change.

Ahhh! Like magic!


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