Stacked Magazine Bead Earrings

I found a project on another craft site that used magazine beads to make some earrings, so I decided to try making up my own magazine bead earrings! I really like how they turned out, and I already had some magazine beads made so it was a quick and easy project.

To make your own pair of stacked magazine bead earrings you will need:

  • About 10-14 magazine beads (tutorial on how to make beads found here)
  • 2 ear wire hooks
  • 2 headpins
  • Needle nosed pliers
  • Wire clippers
  • A sharp tool to drill holes through the beads

First, drill small holes through the center of all of the magazine beads:

Now divide the beads into two piles and stack them on each headpin. Use the pliers to make a loop at the top of the headpin and hook it to the ear wire. Snip the ends of the headpins and use the pliers to squeeze the loop shut until it is closed so it won’t fall off the ear wire.


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