Project 365: Week ?

I have decided to stop numbering the Project 365 posts… I’ve missed way too many days! We will see how many pictures I have at the end of the year!

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Banana Base Ice Cream!

We made banana ice cream!!!

And it was sooooo good! It was very simple: Freeze strawberries and bananas, blend with half and half, and enjoy!

You can find the original recipe that we used HERE.

(Note: Scroll down to the third recipe. Note 2: We used half and half instead of almond milk.)
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Scalloped Hasselback Potato

Another AMAZING way to prepare a potato!

Slice it, cheese it, bake it, eat it… simple as that!

Welllll… okay it took a little more than that, but it was sooooo good!!!

It took a little longer to prepare and bake than I would have liked, considering it was for lunch and I didn’t start making it until 3:00pm.;) I took about 15min. to prep and 45min. to bake. I will also mention that after putting butter and oil on it the pan got really greasy… so that piece of foil I put on the tray did nothing in the way of helping cleanup.:/

Click here for the original recipe.

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Project 365: Week 15

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Project 365: Week 14

Missing lots of pictures due to sickness… grrrr! Must do makeup days at the end of all this.

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Ginger Cookies!

I had to share this new cookies recipe that I found via Pinterest a few weeks ago… it is AMAZING!

I decided I wanted to find a cookie recipe on Pinterest to try out and boy am I glad I chose this one! It’s actually a Better Homes & Gardens recipe for giant ginger cookies. I tried making a giant one, but I like to stretch the dough and get more cookies from one recipe… even if it means they’re smaller.;) I made the dough balls about an inch big and changed the baking time to 9 min.

Click here for original recipe!

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Project 365: Week 13

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The First Wedding 2012

In 2012 I had the pleasure of shooting my first wedding ever, my cousin’s wedding!!!

Click here to see the pictures!

All images © Emily Hekking 2013
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