Awkward & Awesome #4

This week…


Saying things that can be taken different ways… the English language has a lot of words that have multiple meanings! It’s truly an awful moment when you get half way through what you’re saying and then realize how it might sound!

Going out with wet hair. I air dry my hair because of my curls, so I usually have at least partially wet hair when going out.

Getting out of a photographer stance and squishing a stinging nettle when you put your feet together… 🙁

Being really cold and then ordering a frappuccino… that was smart!O.o

Having to look up haw to spell frappuccino…:)

Having the spell check tell you that you’re still wrong, it’s not spelled f-r-a-p-p-u-c-c-i-n-o… well that’s how Starbucks spells it so there!;)

Taking 95 photos of a tree and a bush…

Helping empty our coin collection into the coin counting machine at our bank and feeling the teller behind you watching intently.

Getting so excited about doing something in dance that you’ve been struggling with and as a result freezing mid-song and throwing your hands in the air. Then falling back to Earth and realizing that you should be on the other half of the stage by now! Heh!;)


Reeeeeally wanting a brownie and deciding not to eat it because you know you’re having dessert later.;) *fist pump*

Small space heaters! Ha, take that tile floor!

S’mores and worship songs over a campfire!!!

Laying in the field just looking at the stars and singing quietly to God.:)

Fuzzy socks!!!

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