Birthday Freebies!!!

About a week before my birthday I signed up for the email lists of several stores to get free stuff for my birthday! (yeah… that was a while ago:/) You would be amazed at how much stuff you can get for FREE! Here is a rundown of all the stuff that I got:

I got a free 16 oz. Mochalatta Chill and a free mini bun just for signing up!

I also got a free makeup duo from Sephora, “Watt’s Up” highlighter and “They’re Real!” mascara!

Jason’s Deli and McAlisters sent me $5 coupons! Ordinarily these coupons would get you a really nice dessert or a bowl of soup, but we decided to get two meals which were a little more expensive that we could split between the three of us kids on a night that Mom and Dad were going out.

I found a website that lists all of the stores that give you freebies on your birthday,

Click here to check it out!

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