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Missing Eggs… Found!

We’ve been letting the chickens out the last couple of days and noticed the egg production seemed to go down a bit, It didn’t… they were laying under the shed! So we did a float test on all SEVEN of … Continue reading

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Cooped Up Chickens

The poor chickens had to stay in their coop while airsoft pellets whizzed through the air. They were not too thrilled by this arrangement, but it beats getting shot!:]

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The First Egg

We got our very first egg! Unfortunately there was a tragic accident. The egg did not want to stay on the refrigerator shelf that mommy put it on. Oh well…

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Daddy’s Coop

No more raccoons in the chicken coop, yay daddy! :] The chickens were staying in the shed while their new home was being built, and are very glad to be out. They didn’t like the ramp daddy made them, so we … Continue reading

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We got little chicks! Aren’t they so cute!?! They look like little Easter peeps! They were rescue chicks that were “unfit” to be sold, so we got them! The two pictures indoors are of the first two chicks. The outdoor … Continue reading

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