Diffused Curls

I tried using a diffuser on my curls and loved it!!!

I got a finger diffuser and blow dryer last Christmas, and tried the pixicurl method of drying! It works great! The pixicurl method is a drying method that allows the curls to dry without the air from the hairdryer disturbing the curl pattern.

This is the dryer and finger diffuser set that I have:

You start by coiling the curls into the finger diffuser, scrunch the diffuser against your head, and then turn the dryer on. After letting it sit until your hair feels mostly dry you turn it off and then gently pull the diffuser out of the hair. This prevents the curls from being blown about as you move the dryer. I use mine on the warm setting so it’s not damaging my hair as much. I still notice a slight change in my hair after using the dryer, so I try not to over use it.

This video by waterlilly716 demonstrate the pixicurl method:


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