Forever 21 Nail Polish Review

I searched the internet for reviews on the Forever 21 brand of nail polish and didn’t find a whole lot to go on. So I decided to just try it and tell you how I liked it here!

I bought two bottles of nail polish from Forever 21: Love & Beauty Dusty Blue, and Love & Beauty Holiday Shine in silver. The Holiday shine nail polish was $1 and the Dusty Blue only cost me $.45 on sale!


The Holiday Shine Silver nail polish is a glitter polish with a clear base, so I would not recommend wearing without a color underneath! I guess I thought that it would be more like a solid glitter, but it definitely shows nail through the polish. I think it would look great over almost any color though!


I LOVE  the Dusty Blue polish!!! The color was beautiful! I did feel like I needed two coats, but I felt like that was normal. Unfortunately I believe Forever 21 no longer carries this color. The good news is they carry TONS of other colors including several blue/teal colors like this one!


I was very pleasantly surprised at how long this polish lasted! I wore two coats of the Dusty Blue with some of the glitter on the tips of each nail. I’m wondering if the glitter helped form a thicker sort of barrier? Usually cheap polish only lasts two days if I’m not washing dishes or playing a high-speed card game, this stuff stayed on for about four days! Granted when it did start coming off… it really came off, in big chips! I should also mention that this was without a top coat!


I felt like I should make a note on the removal pains I had with the glitter polish. Now in all fairness, I did heap the glitter on the tips, but it still could have been a bit quicker and easier to get off! As seen in the pictures below, the remover took off most of the blue leaving the glitter behind! I have had bad experiences with glitter polish in the past and know what a pain it can be, but I thought putting it on top of another polish might help in the removal… not so much.

I know that was really long. But hey! Now you can decide weather or not you should go ahead and buy that polish… hopefully!:) I’ve also linked to two helpful links in removing your pesky glitter nail polish, hope they help!

Link one: Removal Method 

Link two: Glue base for Glitter

Note: This review was not sponsored

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