My Camera Bag

I wanted to type this up to share one of God’s most recent bits of awesomeness in my life.

I ordered a new camera bag to fit my new Canon 60D camera right around the time that I ordered the camera. It seemed like it took forever to get here! When the bag finally arrived I pulled it out of the box and cringed, it was huge! The main reason that I chose this bag was because of the removable insert that I could put in other bags… apparently the “mini” size that I selected did not have this feature. *Sigh* We returned it, and the search for just an insert began. After looking for about a week (a loooong week) I finally found the perfect insert… so I thought. It arrived and was at least two inches longer than the description said! There was no way it was going to fit in any of my purses or bags.

At this point I was getting frantic. We had to leave on a big trip in about a week… at the end of which I was going to take the photos for my cousins wedding. I had my old camera bag but it was way too small for my new DSLR, when I tried to fit the new camera in it I couldn’t even get it half way in! I searched the internet for what seemed like hours for anything that would protect my gear. Imagine a teary eyed girl staring at a monitor with quivering lips sighing every five minutes… it was pretty pathetic. During this whole time I kept absently praying “please help me, please help me find something…” but I was still really worrying about it and trying to fix the problem myself.

Finally I gave up and started sobbing on my bed. Yes, I was crying over a bag… or my lack of bag. I needed a bag if I was going to take my camera. Then I started to  pray and trust. I had done all I could think of, and nothing was working. I finally gave my worries to God and decided to trust Him.

I don’t really remember what I was thinking, but I got up and brought out my old camera bag. I started to empty it out, the whole time saying to myself “I already tried this right? The camera doesn’t even fit in the opening! There is no way I can use this.” Finally it was totally empty and I put my camera in it… I put my camera in it. Down in the bag, with the flap closed over it… it FIT! I think my jaw dropped to the floor, but I’m not sure. I opened and closed the flap three or four times, it FIT! Emptying all of the pockets did the trick.

So, once again God proved how amazing He is… and also reminded me that His plans are better than my own, even in the little things. Makes you trust Him more with the bigger things in life. 😉

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