Awkward & Awesome #1!

I’ve been seeing these Awkward and Awesome posts on so many different blogs lately, and I thought it was about time to do my own! Reading these posts I am always so glad to hear I’m “not the only one” who does awkward things! So, time for me to share my awkwardness with others to encourage and hopefully brighten your┬áday!:)

And now, for the moment you may or may not have waited for…


Running through Sams club right before they close looking for coleslaw… and carrying a bag of raw chicken.

Not knowing how to spell something so just sort of spelling the first half and scribbling the second part of it. Mwah ha! No one knows it’s misspelled if they can’t read it!

Almost falling asleep during church.

Picking profile pictures for myself…


Singing in the closet!

Roses in the morning.

Watching a baby eat cake for the first time.

Puppy love from an almost 9 yr old dog.:)

Breath refreshers.


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