Awkward & Awesome #2

Happy November! This time of year always seems to go by so fast! Even faster than the rest of the year. But I love Fall! I love holiday fun, cooler weather, cozy blankets, Christmas movies, time with friends…


Trying to wave and get the attention of an old friend while sitting in the drive-through, it didn’t work… and having the lady working the drive-through notice your efforts. :/

Walking through a parking lot and slowly feeling the cami you’re wearing under your shirt inch up, and telling yourself “Don’t touch it! It’s not visible, just keep walking.”

Airsoft party at our house, and being the only girl in 20-25 people besides your mom…

Trying out hip-hop for the first time… it felt like an epic fail!:)

Spraying perfume on your sun-dried-and-smells-like-it clothes, I’m sure there’s a better way!!!

Thousands (literally) of acorns showering down from a nearby tree making it sound like the tree is disintegrating.  And then realizing that trees don’t disintegrate for no reason…

Trying to make friends in the blog world. It always feels so strange leaving comments on blogs… “Hi… I like your blog. Sounds like we do a lot of the same things!:/ Umm… want to be friends?”


Big brother’s birthday!

Birthday food. Yumm!

Pinterest. I FINALLY joined!!! (thanks you Pinterest for opening it to e-mail accounts!!!) I think I love it, like… a lot!!!

Getting over a cold a lot faster than I usually do!

Going through your closet. Or wait… no that’s scary.

Finding awesome stuff buried in your closet! 😉

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