Awkward & Awesome #3

Yay! I made it to my third Awkward & Awesome post.┬áThree is an awesome number… it just is!:)


Having no idea of what’s going on around you! Hint: Just smile and look like you know what you’re doing.

Wearing an infinity scarf wrapped around your face while you clean your shower drain…

Being the only girl in dance class wearing black tights.:/

Being so late making my dad’s birthday cake that it became my dad/brother’s late birthday cake… yeah it was late for my brother’s birthday too.

Helping hose the dog down after he rolled in something gross… in the┬ámorning, in P.J.’s, in the cold.:/ Why do dogs like smelly stuff so much!?!

Voting for the first time. It was really strange!:)


Voting for the first time!!!

Cold weather!!!

Tea that I don’t mind drinking… I don’t usually like tea.

Dance company! I’m sooo glad to be a part of it!!!

Finding out that other people tap dance while they brush their teeth too! My mom thought I was crazy.:)

Baking cookies by yourself in the kitchen… no one knows how many you “test”.:)

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