The 12 Days of Christmas Photo Challenge!

Hello everyone! I have decided to do a photo challenge this December! The challenge will start on December 14th and end on Christmas day. That’s one week from today! Each day there will be a photo to take and share. Please feel free to join me and link to your photos from each day in each post’s comment box! Join whenever you can, and feel free to link to Google plus photo posts, blog posts, pins on Pinterest, other social network sites… however you can!

The 12 day challenge:

  • Dec 14th – Memories from Christmases past

  • Dec 15th – Your Christmas countdown (calendar, phone app, wall hanging…)

  • Dec 16th – One of your favorite holiday movies

  • Dec 17th – Something warm

  • Dec 18th – One of your favorite ornaments for the tree

  • Dec 19th – Your Christmas stocking

  • Dec 20th – Christmas baking (pie, cookies…)

  • Dec 21st – A wrapped gift from you to someone else

  • Dec 22nd – Your tree topper

  • Dec 23rd – Your Family‚Äôs Christmas tree

  • Dec 24th – A Christmas Eve family tradition

  • Dec 25th – A nativity scene

Spread the news…


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The More the Merrier!

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