Plopping is a way to dry your hair and get better curl definition at the same time using an old t-shirt! You cut the t-shirt so that all you have is a big square of fabric. It is improtant to have a square big enough that opposite corners can go all the way around your head. This is a tutorial on how you plop the Live Curly Live Free way:

1. Take your large piece of t-shirt, measuring at least 16” by 29” and fold it in half on the diagonal so that it looks like a large triangle.

2. Place the triangle on a low flat surface, I use my toilet seat, with the point away from you and the long flat side running closest to you.

3. With your head upside down, carefully gather your curls in a loose ponytail on top of your head (do not twist them, you don’t actually have to secure them). Now pile the curls as you lower your head down onto the t-shirt. Aim to place the edge of the long side of the plop towel right over your front hair line.

4. Press your head firmly against the plop towel to anchor it to the surface so that it doesn’t move, scrunching your curls firmly against the top of your head as you do so. Just don’t give yourself a headache.;)

5. Take the point of the plop towel in your hand and pull it backwards to cover the back of your head, covering the nape of your neck.

6. Holding the point firmly, reach over with your other hand and grab the right point of the plop towel and pull it tightly to the left over the point that is on your neck so that it is now on the left side of your head.

7. Holding the right-hand point securely over the top point, grab the left-hand point and pull it towards the right side of your neck.

(I just tie the ends there at the back of the neck because my t-shirt does not reach the front of my head again.)

8. Take the left and right points and pull them snugly up and around the sides of your head to the top of your head, then tie them tightly on the top of your head (in the front towards the forehead) in a small knot. Tuck the tail point in if the fabric covering your neck is annoying.

Some of my plopping results:

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